Grimlock: Neurotic Facade - Balance of

the Soul - CD Cover Art

Is that Ted’s face? Click the image and see! Yes it is! The CD insert had artwork of Ted’s face superimposed on an image of the band. Jason Gipson snapped the photo through a fish eye lens. Jason took many pictures of Grimlock along with the Smith family. The Smith family were our official camera crew and went to nearly every show.

Grimlock - The Grim Trip - TeeShirt


Who is Gasher T. Grimlock? Back when Grimlock first formed, Brian Tonne had the idea of having a mascot. He drew this guy coming out of a grave. Later we had our friend John Althofff draw up the guy on our shirts. John was responsible for all of Grimlock’s artwork and created some true masterpieces.


Thanks for visiting Grimlock.us - Click here to open a complete play list of Grimlock songs “The new site is up and running! We hope you enjoy it. There is music, videos, and pics to see on every page. Do you have some old Grim mementos from back in the day? Get it to us and it might just make it on the site! Follow us on twitter and YouTube for the latest Grim news. We are going to update this site as much as we can so be sure to stop back regularly to get your Grim fix!” The Grim Future - Grim News The original AGFA 2” X 24 Track reels for Grimlock’s Neurotic Facade have come out of deep storage and steps are being taken to get them transferred to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in a multi-track format. Once in this format, we will be able to edit original tracks and completely re-mix and re-master and possibly re- release with a fresh modern sound. Do you have a way to contribute? If so, click here and email us. Grimlock Grimlock is a Heavy Metal Band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The Original "Grimlock". Formed in early 1987 in the basement of guitarist Tony Oppelt with drummer Brian Tonne. The name Grimlock came from a Dungeons and Dragons monster book titled: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual by Gary Gygax. from March of 1980. Original band members as pictured above from left to right: Ed Hoffman : Bass guitar Brian Tonne : Drums Tony Oppelt: Guitars Ted Brasier : Vocals Donovan Smith : Guitars Grimlock - The Grim Trip In early 1990, Grimlock released a demo recorded at MasterMix Studios in Delhi, Ohio with 6 songs. Preachers of the Darkside, Fate of Hate, Crimson Rain, Misinterpreted Youth, Euthanasia, Pleasured to Death

Lyrics - Grimlock - The Grim Trip (1990)


Grimlock - The Grim Trip

Grimlock - Crimson Rain - Bogarts - 1989

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Photos from various Grimlock shows from late 1988 to 1992
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