Grimlock - Grim Tales

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The GrimFlock

So many jobs to do for each show, How did you do it?

Grimlock had some of the most loyal followers and helpers. Without them Grimlock never would have had the success that it did. Rusty Lamkin, David Longcamp, BJ Sykes, Steve Williams, Jason Gipson, John Althoff, Allen Oppelt, Jeff Higgins, and the entire Smith family were integral in getting the job done. They helped in every aspect, from getting to the show to having a place to practice. The above mentioned made sure it happened.

Grimlock - The Grim Tales - Artwork

Why haven’t I seen this?

John Althoff created this image for the 3 song demo nicknamed Grim Village. Grim Village sort of stuck and the art lay packed away for more than 25 years only to be made into a super bad ass Grimlock Tee Shirt.

Grimlock - Grim Tales (Grim Village) Grimlock is a Heavy Metal Band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The Original "Grimlock". Formed in early 1987 in the basement of guitarist Tony Oppelt with drummer Brian Tonne. Bassist Ed Hoffman was next to join the band, then Donovan Smith, lastly Ted Brasier. Grim Tales nicknamed Grim Village was Grimlock’s final recording. Recorded using a mobile recording studio, Grimlock setup Ted Brasier’s house as a make shift studio and recorded three songs. Danger Peace of Aggression Wipin’ my Eyes
“Get the F*** out of my way!” - Rob Cannavino, Overkill

Lyrics - Grimlock - Grim Tales (Grim Village) (1992)


VIDEOS - Grimlock at Bogart’s opening for Overkill - Tuesday March 10th, 1992

Peace of Aggression & Wiping My Eyes

Some of the great artwork that John Althoff provided us with

Flyers from Grimlock’s early shows

Promo pack Grimlock sent to venues along with 8”X10” Pic and CD

Overkill with Special guests Grimlock. Bogart’s advertisement / coupon. March 10th, 1992
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